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Football management

Qualified consultation and support for today's football professionals. And those of tomorrow.

Sustainable success requires professional planning and fair cooperation.

We know the path to the exciting world of professional football - and we know it needs to be taken one step at a time.


We know that the focus required to be a professional football player needs support in many areas of life.

That's why we are fully committed to this role and we have the expertise to make the athlete feel that with us on their side they can enjoy a successful career without worry.



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Our services

at a glance

Personal consultation by professionals for professionals.

Career planning with a sustainable concept for all phases of life.

International contract negotiations with years of experience and competence.

Media consultation and support in all matters of publicity.

Economic consultation for comprehensive issues such as taxes, investments, insurance and asset management.


First class support of a professional athlete is a requirement for optimum career planning. This includes the comprehensive recognition of logical perspectives, support in athletic and private matters as well as managing transfers and contracts. And we are with you all the way.

What factors are important for

the sustainable success of a professional football player?

First are talent, ambition and will power!

In order to utilize all possibilities of development it also needs sound advice and qualified support. Professional career planning is the foundation for sustained success.

The goal of Group2a2m is the long-term, reliable and dependable cooperation with our partners, even extending beyond the athlete's active career.

We are fully dedicated to upholding your individual interests and we support you with years of experience and expertise.

Your career will benefit from the combination of practice-oriented know-how and economic sense as well as our proven contacts in many professional leagues.

Allow yourself to fulfill your ideas and dreams! We are here to guide you along the way.