Azuree 33C


Azuree 33C is a revamped customizable version of the award winning Azuree 33. The remodelled deck and interior lines result in a more streamlined look. The spacious cockpit area gives the user the benefit of having the maximum amount of usable area in the most efficient way. The unique hi-lo table in the cockpit area is the proof of the mentioned efficiency in space.

The Azuree 33C, whos strength comes from its customizability, is an innovative synthesis of functionality and comfort. She gives her future owners the choice of modular solutions like coffee machine unit, storage lockers, foldable navigation table etc.… depending on the owner’s usage.

The interior gives users more freedom of movement while sailing. The removable bulkhead between the master cabin and salon creates a flow in the interior. As a result of being the widest boat in its category; Azuree 33C offers a voluminous interior comparable with most of the 36 Ft rivals.

The sail plan and draft options meet racing needs as well as cruising in the best possible way. She clearly demonstrates the perfect combination between performance and comfortable sailing, resulting in a very proportioned boat.




Full Length 9,99m 
Waterline Length 9,56m
Beam 3,66m
Displacement 5.156 kg 
Ballast Beam 1.550 kg
 Fuel Capacity 96 lt 
Water Tank 200 lt 
Engine 21 hp 
Main Sail Area 66 m2
Cabins-Berths 2 Cabins - 4 Berths 
Heads 1
 Construction Material GRP - Vinilester
Hull Design and Styling Sirena Marine & Ceccarelli Yacht Design
Interior Design Sirena Marine
 Manufacturer Sirena Marine 
CE Certificate A 
Construction Technology Vacuum assisted infusion lamination
Onboard Electronics  Computer Tv-Set VCR DVD-Player FM-Radio
Dinghy / Outboard  4,75 RIB JET CONCEPT 140 HP
Bathrooms / Showers  Ensuite with shower cells
WC / Toilet Type -
D/C Voltage / Current -
A/C Current / Electricity -
Water Toys  -

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