The founder of the group2A2M qualifies as an accomplished entrepreneur and in perpetual training, he traveled all over the world and great lover of the oceans.
For him, if the prophet Noah had not built the ark, he would not be there and would not waste water for the boats.

Great respectful of the sea and what it offers as kindness, it is a great amateur of fishing and water sports and aviation as these two kings for whom it has a deep respect.

One is a fan of jet ski and the other of helicopter ,. Mr. Mokhtari constantly reminds these engineers of the alliance between the thrust of Archimedes and the friction of the hull of any floating craft, which is why it will not neglect the care of technology and will entrust it to the best .

As for luxury, he keeps remembering the comfort that everyone knows and does not remember in his mother's womb, this environment also aquatic, there or again the human is in his universe And in full protection.

Yachting is the formula of excellence that best combines, in my opinion this search for comfort forgot to find.

And that she beautiful envelope, that these two forces as her water and wind, in order to traverse the world.